How To Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Work Tops

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Posted on July 29 2021

How To Choose the Right Heavy-Duty Work Tops

The right workwear doesn’t only apply to an office setting. Having the proper workwear is more crucial in fields of heavy-duty work. Aside from allowing one to move with ease, efficient heavy-duty workwear plays an important role in comfort and safety.

Jobs—whether indoor or outdoor—that involve heavy equipment or hazardous activities usually require workwear clothing, specifically tops, that is heavy-duty and long-lasting. Ranging from water-resistant clothing to extremely hot weather clothing, heavy-duty work provides the safety and protection that you need during perilous workdays. 

Here are important things to keep in mind when choosing heavy-duty tops for work.

1. Aim for practicality.

Being practical in your job also means being efficient with the clothes you wear. For example, when fishing, it’s best to wear a multi-pocket vest as it allows you to bring your necessities without having to carry unnecessary bags to the water.

The Traveller Multi-Pocket Vest specifically has 16 pockets: 9 front patch pockets, 2 front zip storage pockets, 2 side entry welt pockets, 2 internal security pockets, and a back game pocket. All these extra compartments make it perfect for your tools, lures, and tackle. It’s also a great choice for when you need to go hiking or camping. 

2. Assess the hazards involved in the job.

There’s no such thing as being overly careful, especially in hazardous jobs. When choosing worktops, always keep the hazards of the job in mind. The factors when assessing hazards include the tasks of the job, environmental risks, and the time of day you do your work.

Assessing the hazards of a job includes assessing the weather and climate. If you work outdoors in a freezing environment, be sure that your workwear clothing will protect you from the cold. The Double Bay Bomber, for example, is made with utmost quality and purpose. It even has handwarmer pockets that you can rely on when you need that extra heat.

3. Do not compromise comfort.

Just because your workwear clothing is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. Besides, compromising your comfort also translates to compromising your performance at work.

Working during summer in Australia can cause discomfort due to the hot weather. But then again, the right hot weather work shirts might be just what you need to stay comfortable. The Kingsland Shirt has short sleeves and lightweight fabric to keep you cool during hot Australian summers. It comes with a placket front, double back yokes, short sleeves, and just a slight bottom curve, allowing it to be worn either in or out.

Additionally, just like extremely hot weather clothing, winter and wet weather gear should also be a go-to during the cold season. The Workhorse Drovers Jacket, for example, is 100% waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Or, you can opt for a versatile vest like the Wooli Vest & Button-In Liner, which can be buttoned into any Kakadu oilskin coats and jackets, and features a rink collar and large curved Sherpa lined handwarmer pockets to keep you warm during colder days.

4. Investing in quality is a must.

We’ve all probably gone through purchasing something that lasted for only a couple of weeks. As frustrating as it is, such experience should teach us to always invest in a product’s quality. Be sure that your work top is durable. Meaning, it’s able to survive harsh working conditions. Go for Kakadu clothing that promises quality and practicality, such as the Mcleod Shirt. It’s a tough rugged shirt with topstitched seams for extra strength.

5. Consider its visibility factor.

As earlier mentioned, the time of day you do your work is an essential factor to consider when choosing your work tops. If you will be working at night, it’s best to choose clothing that accentuates your visibility. This is to keep you and everyone else around you safe. For example, if you’re working on roadsides, consider bright-coloured clothing for easier visibility.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right heavy-duty work tops is more than just liking how they look. Always consider factors like practicality, comfort, and safety to ensure your wellbeing at work. When being exposed to extreme weather and a harsh environment is all in a day’s work for you, make sure you are geared with something that can do the job as you do yours.

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