Innovations in Hat Design for Sun Protection in the Australian Climate

melissa whillas

Posted on November 29 2023

Bairnsdale suede australian made hat

Embracing the Sun: Hat Innovations for Aussie Adventures

G'day, sun-loving mates! In the vast, sun-soaked expanse of the Australian outback, a trusty hat is your ultimate sidekick. But hold onto your horses; we're diving into the exciting world of hat innovations designed to keep you cool and stylish under the blazing Aussie sun.

Soaka Fabric - Wet, Wind, Wear

First up, let's talk about our best-selling Soaka fabric. Picture this: a hat that's not just a hat but a breath of fresh air for your noggin. Soaka fabric works like magic, with just a dunk in some water, it turns any breeze into a full-on AC unit. The concept has been around in Aussie history for a while, but at Kakadu, we’ve given you the ability to use it on that head of yours! In the summer months, these ones are legendary for the beach, and come in a wide variety of styles.

Full Mesh and Half Mesh - Breeze in, Heat Out

For those who like their hats as breezy as the coastal winds, we've got the game-changer: full mesh and half mesh design. Let the air flow freely through your headgear, leaving you as refreshed as a dip in the creek. Whether it's a full mesh crown or just a touch, these hats are built for breathability, so you can face the heat without breaking a sweat.

Different Leathers - Aussie Tough, Aussie Chic

Now, let's talk leathers—because a hat should be as tough as a wallaby and as stylish as the stockmen of old. From rugged bush adventures to city strolls, different leathers cater to every Aussie taste. Whether you fancy the exotic allure of embossed safari leather or the down-to-earth feel of mossback suede, there's a leather for every hat aficionado. At Kakadu, we have high quality leather hats of all shapes and sizes, so feel free to have a peek here!

Drywax - Cheers to Sun Protection

What's more Aussie than throwing back a cold one under the sun? Introducing drywax hats, affectionately known as "Tinnies" in our neck of the woods. These hats are like your trusty tinny— Keeps you dry as a tin roof and is as light as a crushed tinnie. Crafted from our unique drywax canvas, with a texture akin to a tin can, it develops wrinkles and character over time. The drywax finish ensures the rain stays off your head and the sun off your back. With the drywax finish, they'll weather the elements like a seasoned sailor, making them your go-to mate for outdoor escapades.

Wool Felt Hats - Warmth for Winter, Cool for Summer

Wool felt hats are the all-season champs of Aussie headgear. We consider wool to be the first technical fabric; while it brings warmth in winter, its also your cool companion in summer. Our wool felt hats here at Kakadu are crafted from the softest Aussie wool, these hats are as versatile as a ute on an open road. Whether you're wandering the urban jungle or trekking through the bush, a wool felt hat is your timeless style statement.

Wide Brim - Shading the Aussie Way

When it comes to sun protection, nothing beats the wide-brimmed wonder. It's not just a hat; it's your personal sunshade, keeping you shaded like a eucalyptus grove. A wide brim is your ticket to staying sun-smart without compromising on style—because in Australia, we know how to do both. Our collection of wide brims lean into this Australian tendency to marry form and function, a testimony to the unique character of our country. 

So there you have it, hat enthusiasts! The Aussie sun's got nothing on our innovative headgear. These hats are more than accessories—they're your ticket to embracing the sun with style. So, sling on your hat, venture out, and let the innovations in hat design elevate your Aussie adventures to a whole new level! Cheers to sun-smart living!

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