The Best Workwear Work Shirts for Dirty Jobs

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Posted on July 29 2021

canvas work shirts

Winter is upon us, so it’s high time to keep all your summer outfits in storage and take out all those workwear shirts for daily use. Work shirts are great apparel during the colder months as they provide adequate insulation and protection from harsh elements. 

What are work shirts?

But before we enumerate some of the finest work shirts in 2023, let’s start off with defining exactly what a work shirt is. Simply put, work shirts are clothing staples that are known for their functionality and rugged aesthetics. In the Australian outback, work shirts are widely popular thanks to their ability to provide comfort and style among men whose job entails getting their hands dirty. There are plenty of brands that excel in designing and manufacturing work shirts, with Kakadu Traders Australia being one of the more reputable brands in the country.

Work shirts make excellent overshirts that are known not only for their resilience but for their multifunctionality as well. They are made from durable fabrics that are resistant to various external factors. Despite the toughness of work shirts, they are known to have flexible and stretchable qualities, too- a characteristic that is crucial especially for workers actively moving to get tasks accomplished efficiently and safely. 

Whether you are involved in farm work, construction, outdoor work, or anything that involves labour, you will definitely find work shirts the best fit for your job. This hearty outer layer that was introduced in the 1800s is making a comeback thanks to the modern twist introduced by innovative designers of today.

Lastly, work shirts are becoming more versatile as more men are using them for casual outings. With the right size and colour, work shirts have found their way into the closets of stylish modern men, too!

The Top-Rated Work Shirts in 2023

Work shirts are usually made from cotton canvas, cotton flannel, cotton chambray, and brushed flannel chamois. These hard-wearing fabrics offer excellent protection against external factors, including dirt, dust, soot, and grease. Here are some of our top picks for work shirts:

  • Kingsland 

With years of experience and expertise in clothes making, Kakadu Traders Australia presents one of its best-selling work shirts, the Kingsland Shirt. It’s one of the best work shirt options in the market due to its durability, versatility, and style. It features slightly forward angling front yokes adorned with riveted patch pockets for extra storage for bits and bobs. 

This short-sleeved work shirt has a slight bottom curve giving you an option to wear it both in and out. It’s the best work shirt during hot summer days when you need to work outdoors. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool while going about your tasks under the sun. The Kingsland comes in four colour options namely taupe, mustard, bone, and loden.

Kingsland work Shirt
  • Nashville

It’s the perfect work shirt to wear all day long. Nashville is a long-sleeved work shirt that you’d want to wear to protect you from the harsh winds and intense heat in the outback. It is equally stylish too, with its precise cowhide collar and trims, pearl snaps, two welted chest pockets, and western yokes. The Gunn worn cotton gravel canvas fabric is tough as nails but can be worn if you’re out on a weekend having a much-needed drink with friends. This Western-style work shirt is available in Mustard and Tobacco. 

  • Iron Bark Vest

The Iron Bark Vest is the perfect outerwear if your work mainly involves outdoor tasks. It features big patch pockets where you can store your small personal belongings. This stylish utility vest also comes with separate handwarmer pockets that are perfect when working at high elevations or during colder months. It showcases classic trims that Kakadu Traders Australia uses for heavyweight oil skin products. The vest is lined with corduroy trim around the armholes for added insulation. It’s not only great for work, but is a great outerwear for travelling, hiking, and other outdoor recreational activities. 

Oilskin Vest
  • Storm Jacket

If you’re a hard worker, then you’ll definitely need an equally resilient work shirt to match. The Storm Jacket is made from Australian Oilskin canvas, making it the perfect jacket during rainy days. It comes with an easy to use roll-out hood to keep your neck and the rest of your torso dry amidst heavy downpours. The Storm Jacket has a corduroy collar, full cotton lining, and two internal pockets to keep your accessories and electronics dry and safe from water damage. The double snap-down storm plackets that cover the front snap closure adds to the elegant styling of this jacket. And with the draw corded waist, you can adjust the fit easily, ensuring comfort no matter your size or movements. 

If you want to check out more stylish work shirts, check out our impressive collection here at Kakadu Traders Australia. For enquiries, you may also call our direct line on +61 2 9709 3555 today.

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