The Hottest Hat Trends This Summer

melissa whillas

Posted on July 29 2021

Bourke Breeze Soaka Hat

Live in the sunshine, soak in the waters. Grab this moment because it’s once again summer! But not too fast, though. Your plans may be all laid out, but is your skin summer-ready? No matter how much SPF you slather onto your face, the blazing heat of the summer sun can still get through. Thus, you need that extra layer to dodge the cruel heat. Enter the go-to summer accessory: hats!

Hats are practically a requirement for extremely hot weather clothing. The right hat can help keep your skin protected from harsh UV rays. It blocks out the bright sun and keeps your head cooler. The best part? This functional item can be a fun piece that could complete your look. If you haven’t found the one hat worthy of a permanent space in your closet, then it is about time you invest in a pretty and practical piece.

Packing for a day out in the bush requires two things: style and sun protection. This summer’s trend revolves around fashion and function. Let’s delve right into this list of must-have Australian style hats that are a perfect mix of both.

Wide Brims

When it comes to style and protection, you can never go wrong with wide-brimmed hats. This feature is a fashion statement as well as a saving grace for photosensitive people. What sets summer hats apart from other hats is their ability to shield you from harmful rays, primarily thanks to the brim. It should amply cover up your whole face, ears, and nape because you would not want any awkward tan lines. This Kakadu hat provides Western Plains Breeze Shapeable Soaka Hat with flexible brim so you can customize your coolness and coverage level. It’s made with Soaka micro-suede, comes with a built-in chinstrap, and has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50+. You can also go for a lighter shade such as the Torquay Breeze Soaka. It features a contrast trim that adds a touch of style when it's hot out.

Sun Hat

Bright Colours

Have you have always treated hats as an accessory that needs to match all your clothes. Well, how about the other way around? Go for bold colours and plan your outfits around a colourful hat. A plain t-shirt and thong sandals will already look stylish with vivid headwear. A Western Plains Breeze hat in Aqua might match the sky and the sea, but you will never blend in with the crowd. This season is all about hues, so do not be afraid to experiment with it when it comes to your hats, especially if you have a fairly neutral tone wardrobe. 

Cowboy Hat

Scarf Details

Flair is what you need for fair-weathered seasons. Patterns are currently in vogue. Still, our forecast says it will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Get ahead of the curve and cop a two-in-one accessory like this Bendigo Breeze with Leopard Scarf in Sand. The animal-print scarf adds a sophisticated twist to the traditional leather outback hat and will match most of your warm-weather ensembles. Safari-themed details will keep up with the style radars as well as Australian sunshine.

Sun Hat

Breathable Materials

Another crucial element in the hat shopping criteria is the amount of breeze that comes into play. In the summer, getting shade should be a priority, but keeping fresh should not fall far behind. Staying breezy will keep sweat and odour at bay, so let your head breathe with lightweight fabric. Ventilating mesh keeps the crown cool while still defending the skin from radiation. If leather hats are right up your alley, you can still keep it breathable with a versatile choice from the Kakadu leather hats collection for the summer, which mostly features a mesh crown. The Cairns Breeze Canvas Hat, for instance, keeps everything light and breezy with its wide brim, ventilating mesh, and built-in chinstrap.

Canvas Sun Hat

Final Thoughts

Before you head out to see the sea, sand, and sun, make sure you equipped with both style and function. A hat is a summer essential for a good reason. This headwear is an indispensable summer item, especially in Australia. Choose something that not only lets you enjoy the hottest months of the year but also offers durability and versatility that could take you through every season. 

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