The Most Stylish Australian Hats to Wear in 2023

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Posted on January 21 2021

The Most Stylish Australian Hats to Wear in 2021 - Kakadu Traders Australia

Australian hats are making a comeback. What used to be an essential head covering from stockmen in the Outback is slowly increasing in popularity in the 21st century. The beauty of Australian hats is that they come in various styles and made from fine fabrics and materials. Consumers are not only limited to choose from dark or subdued colours. Thanks to technological innovations and modern creative ideas, Australian hats now come in more exciting colours with embellishments that reflect the rich traditions of Australian hat-making combined with contemporary fashion. 

Aesthetics is not the only selling factor of Australian hats among consumers in this day and age. Quality and design are elements that discerning buyers take into serious consideration. The type of fabric, materials, and craftsmanship all contribute to the quality of the finished product. Good-quality Australian hats were hard to come in the past, but now that more companies are starting to celebrate the rich history and beauty of Australian hats, you can now find hats in all shapes, sizes, and colours. 

At present, the average consumer doesn’t just wear hats to look fashionable. Just like caps, Australian hats are highly functional, too. They provide insulation in cold weather and deliver protection from the elements. 

If you are keen on adding unique Australian hats to your collection or it’s your first time to buy Australian Hats, here are our top picks for 2023:

Whillas & Gunn Paper Boy Cap

The paperboy cap has successfully retained its old-fashion feel that appeals to stylish men of all ages. This cap style enjoys a rich history of sitting atop many gentlemen’s heads. It features a baseball cap design with an extra-long top that extends to the brim. This cap style was popularly worn by newspaper boys in Europe in the early 20th century, and today, famous personalities, both men and women, are pairing their urban outfits with paperboy caps. 

Our paper boy caps are made by Whillas & Gunn and are crafted using rugged twill cotton. Our caps come in navy and tan colour options with sizes ranging from small to XXL. 

Kakadu The Croc 


The Croc is made from specially treated grain leather featuring a high rounded crown and medium brim. The timeless aesthetics of this hat means that it can be worn dressed up and down. It’s a good accessory if you’re going out on a leisurely walk in the city or a weekend outdoor hike. The Croc has ventilation holes, so you stay fresh during hot days. It also features a chinstrap facility, perfect when you’re out riding horses or simply add a unique flairto your outfit. The Croc comes in black and brown colours. 

Kakadu Big Al

Big Al is a uniquely stunning Australian outback hat featuring a regular-sized brim that slightly dips down in the front and back. The design of Big Al ensures that you have ample protection from the sun, rain, and harsh winds. It showcases an embossed alligator print in the front, triple eyelets on the side, and three-strand braids around the band. 

Whillas & Gunn Spitfire Hat in Herringbone

The Spitfire Hat by Whillas & Gunn is a modern take on the traditional trapper hat. The design was adapted from the traditional hunting headwear of the American frontier. It’s the best headwear to sit atop of your head during colder months. The flaps on the side shields the ears and the face from the elements. The modern trapper hat design such as Spitfire is the perfect urban accessory. It’s both stylish and functional, making it a must-have for hat and cap collectors. 

The Spitfire Hat in Herringbone is bound in cowhide and features a slim beak on both sides. It also has vents at ear level, so your hearing will not be muted when worn. 

Kakadu Western Plains Breeze

Our Western Plains Breeze is a great addition to your Australian hat collection. The timeless and iconic style was traditionally worn by stockmen but is now becoming a fashion statement for both men and women. Our Western Plains Breeze was designed not only for fashion purposes, but it also serves to protect the head from the sun. Today, you can wear traditional Australian hats for all sorts of special events to a casual day of tending the farm. 

Our Western Plains Breeze hats are well-crafted from micro-suede and embellished with a built-in chinstrap featuring UPF50+ for optimum protection. They are ultra-lightweight; hence are comfortable to wear all day long. They come in three colours, Aqua, Brown, Black, and Sand. 

Kakadu Bendigo Breeze

The Bendigo Breeze Hat combines style with practicality. It’s a multi-purpose hat that is well-loved by outdoor adventurers, farmers, stockmen, and even golfers. This Mossback suede leather hat has a pinched ventilating mesh crown that ensures your head won’t suffer, especially during summer months. The brim is made from leather and accessorised by a built-in chinstrap and 3-strand braid hatband. It’s a timeless Australian hat design that will never go out of style and grows more good-looking, supple, and soft over time. The Bendigo Breeze comes in three colours, including Sand, Black, and Brown.

Kakadu Bushranger

This sophisticated, pinched western style hat is perfect for special occasions, night out with friends, or elegant headwear for daily use. The Bushranger is made from superior quality leather with minimal imperfections, making it durable, soft, firm, and flexible with age. 

The Bushranger is definitely a classic design from Kakadu’s collection. The fabric is grain leather with a smooth, rich, and dull lustre free from blemishes. The hat is embellished with a five-strand hand-braided band and a metal logo on the side. It also features three ventilation eyelets on the side of the crown. This Australian hat style comes in brown and black. 

If you want to check out more of our Australian-made hat and caps, check out our website. We have a wide selection of quality hats- from modern western hats to modern dap designs. For enquiries, you may call our Kakadu Traders direct line on +61 2 9709 3555 today.

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