Top 4 Tips for Keeping Your Chaps Looking New

melissa whillas

Posted on June 11 2024

Oilskin Chaps

Chaps are an essential part of any cowboy’s wardrobe. They protect your legs while riding and add a touch of style to your outfit. However, to ensure your chaps stay in top condition and continue to serve you well, it's essential to provide them with proper care.

Here are some top tips to keep your oilskin chaps looking new:

Oilskin Chaps
  • Regular Cleaning

Consistent cleaning plays a vital role in preserving the quality of your oilskin chaps. Following each use, ensure that you shake off any dirt or debris. For more stubborn dirt, a gentle brush can be used for effective removal. If your chaps get muddy, let the mud dry completely before brushing it off. Avoid harsh detergents or cleaning agents, as they can strip the fabric of its protective oils. Instead, use cold water and a gentle soap to spot clean any stains.

  • Drying Properly

Proper drying is essential to avoid mould and mildew growth. Following cleaning, hang your chaps in a well-ventilated space, keeping them away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Never tumble dry or expose them to high temperatures, damaging the fabric and reducing its effectiveness. Allow your chaps to air dry naturally, ensuring they are completely dry before storing them away.

  • Storage

When not in use, keep your oilskin chaps in a cool, dry place. Avoid tightly folding them, as this may lead to creases and fabric damage. Instead, loosely roll them and store them in a breathable fabric bag to protect them from dust and debris.

  • Use Microwax Reproofing Creme

One of the best ways to maintain the water-resistant qualities of your oilskin chaps is to use a micro wax reproofing creme specifically designed for oilskin products. Over time, the protective oils in the fabric can wear off, reducing its effectiveness. Reproofing with micro wax creme helps restore these oils and maintain the fabric's water resistance.

Parting Words

Chaps are a durable and reliable choice for outdoor activities. Properly caring for them can ensure their longevity and effectiveness in keeping you dry and protected from the elements. At Kakadu Traders Australia, we offer superior-quality chaps made from Australian Oilskin. Plus, we offer reproofing creme to keep your chaps looking their best

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