Where can you Shop for Quality Clothes and Hats in Sydney?

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Posted on July 29 2021

Where can you Shop for Quality Clothes and Hats in Sydney?

Quality clothes and hats aren’t just about keeping up with the latest fashion trends but about how long they can be useful to a person. In a world where fast fashion seems to be the prevailing trend, there are still people who place a high priority on quality over price. Slow fashion or timeless articles of clothing and accessories are investments and will give you the best bang for your buck. 

There are many reasons why you should finally ditch inexpensive but low-quality fashion items for quality clothing and accessories:

  • High-quality clothing lasts longer and can save you money in the long run
  • Since materials are superior in construction, they hold their shape better and won’t lose their shape despite washing
  • Quality clothing tends to lay better and looks better on your body

The advantages of high-quality clothing are plentiful, but most of us still seem to choose fast fashion or inexpensive clothing. We tend to look for cheap deals and consider them as value when in fact, value is a combination of cost and quality make and construction. 

If you live in Sydney and are looking to update your wardrobe, here are tips that will guide you when shopping for clothes, especially outerwear and accessories. To create a wardrobe that is versatile, timeless, classic, and high-quality, here are our shopping recommendations:

Type of Fabric

Inspect the fabric. If you are purchasing online, make sure to check the type of material. If you are buying jackets or coats, you need to determine what type of fabric was used and the processes that were utilised in its construction or manufacturing. 

The fabric should be comfortable and allow the skin underneath to breathe. It should also be thick enough, so you don’t run the risk of showing parts of your body that you don’t want to be exposed to altogether. Good quality clothing bounces back to its original shape despite many wears and tugging. Limit your selection to jackets or coats in neutral colours or patterns. Those that are brightly coloured typically fade faster and cheapen your entire look. 

Kakadu Traders Australia Concord Shirt in Bone is a classic example of a clothing item that will never go out of style. This lightweight shirt is versatile in that you can wear it at work or during a casual day outdoors. It is made from quality Gunn-worn canvas- a fabric that works well in warmer months. It is extremely durable, thanks to its construction and reinforced rivet pockets. You can store small items over the right chest pocket, and its built-in sleeve roll-up security system adds to its comfort features, too. 

Check the Seams

The seams should be consistent throughout the clothing item. To determine the quality of its seams, turn the clothing item inside out. The thread should be made from quality material and the stitches should be reinforced for durability. The consistency and clean appearance of the seams usually translate to quality. Loose threats and bumps are usually signs of inconsistent quality construction. Lastly, pull the fabric apart on each side of the seam to check if the threads hold together well and do not pull apart. 

The Bargo Shirt in Blue Stripe is a highly versatile and chic clothing item to include in your wardrobe. It is lightweight, comfortable and lined with a cotton-linen blend. The seams are consistent and neat, so you don’t have to worry about loose threads or accidental tears in the long run. 

Check Buttons and Zippers

If you are eyeing a clothing item with a few buttons or zippers, you need to check its condition and full functionality. For one, make sure the buttons are easy to fasten and unfasten. The buttons should also be secured firmly with several threads and spaced out evenly. On the other hand, buttonholes should be nicely stitched around to hold buttons better. Quality construction and attachment of zippers means they should go up and down smoothly and lie flat against the fabric or your body when worn. 

The Toorak shirt is comfortable, stylish, and durable. It features a wash gravel canvas fabric, roll-up sleeve tabs, and sleeve pockets for convenience. It has everything that you want in an outdoor shirt or work shirt, including large front patch pockets, button-down pocket flaps, and double back yoke with side pleats for added comfort. 

Choose a Hat Made from Durable Fabrics

It can feel intimidating to buy a hat online, but the process is actually identical to when shopping from a bricks-and-mortar shop. If you decide to shop from an online store, choose one with great customer service. You can ask as many questions as you want regarding the quality, construction, and other important information about a hat you wish to purchase. It’s also smart to read the returns and exchange policy before check out. In this way, you can easily return a hat if you notice any inconsistency with its quality and construction. 

Since winter is right around the corner, buying hats that are most apt during colder months is a must. Here are hat styles that are classic and can last for years to come:

Roo Allrounder Aviator in Ash Brown

Made from grain kangaroo leather and adorned with plush kangaroo fur. 

Flying Doctor Hat in Black

One of the best-selling hats for winter time, the Flying Doctor Hat in Black is made from vintage leather that is amazingly supple and soft to the touch. The cowhide trim, Sherpa lining, and ear eyelets will protect you from cold weather and keep you warm even during extended stays outdoors. 

Buying quality clothing is made convenient, simple, and worry-free, thanks to Kakadu Traders Australia. As a company that values quality, we only manufacture and sell clothing items and accessories made from the highest-quality materials and superior construction. It’s time for you to upgrade your wardrobe. Browse our collection here or call our direct line on +61 2 97709 3555 for enquiries.

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