Why You Should Choose An Oilskin Coat This Winter

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Posted on July 29 2021

Why You Should Choose An Oilskin Coat This Winter

Winter is coming. Literally. And while we may not be facing some creepy fantasy creatures with the change of seasons, the reality of embracing winter for the next few months could be utterly exhilarating. Everyday activities feel different and come with more precautions during this time of the year. This is exactly why the right gear is of paramount importance. As the days become colder and harsher, make sure you’re geared with the right coat of the right material, such as oilskin. 

Oilskin is defined as a cotton cloth layered with oil so it will be waterproof. Sounds cosy and durable enough, no? From that definition itself, you can already tell that an oilskin coat is something that will be extremely helpful to you this winter. Historically, oilskin clothing was made into the foul-weather apparel worn by sailors and fishermen as it could ensure maximum protection under extreme conditions.

However, in case you need a little more push, allow us to elaborate on why you should choose an oilskin jacket when winter comes.

Benefits of Choosing Oilskin Waterproof Jackets

There are many waterproof jackets out there, but a waterproof oilskin jacket would be the best one you can get this winter season. Here are some of the many benefits you can get from choosing an oilskin jacket:

It’s totally durable.

As long as you take good care of your oilskin jacket, chances are, it will last for years (maybe even decades). Know more about how to properly clean this water-resistant clothing later in this article!

Its waterproof capability is amazing.

It goes without saying that an oilskin jacket is a protective piece of water-resistant clothing. You can wear it as wet weather clothing or winter clothing, and you’re sure to be protected.

It can be easily repaired.

Waxed fabrics are mostly made from natural materials, so they’re pretty easy to repair. Artificial materials, on the other hand, are harder to repair once damaged. With that, you know that you’re making a good investment with your trusty oilskin jacket.

It gets better with age.

A waxed cotton jacket develops a sought-after patina (Patina is essentially associated with naturally aged leather), as compared to other fabrics that easily break.

It looks good with almost anything.

Oilskin jackets are not just functional, they also look great. Whether it’s an oilskin bomber jacket or an oilskin riding jacket, you can’t deny that it looks good with practically any outfit. You’ll never go wrong with pairing it with your favourite jeans or overalls.

It looks good on anyone.

Oilskin waterproof jackets are unisex, so they could be a women’s oilskin jacket or a men’s oilskin jacket and look just as great.

Timeless Style

What also makes it such a sought-after choice is its style and sustainability. Not only is it a practical purchase, but it is also undeniably good looking. Its formula of timeless style plus long-lasting material makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Since winter rolls around every year and fashion trends are always in constant rotation, this versatile outerwear in a classic design becomes an indispensable item in your wardrobe. You may know the short horror story of pulling out a leather jacket a year later, then realizing it has chipped, and the material keeps falling off. 

An outback oilskin jacket, on the other hand, will be your best buddy over the years to come. Plus points for having minimal maintenance and extremely easy to clean. With proper care, laundry and storage, it won’t fail you as your go-to winter staple.

In fact, some products like the Kakadu Workhorse Drovers Coat will look better over the years. Those signs of wear and tear, like faded colour and texture, will look like it is intentionally part of the design and would beautifully remind you of your many hard work and adventures.

Moreover, you never have to worry about your coat not matching all the other items in your closet, classic pieces will always take you a long way in many different directions. It has everything you need to battle the rough winter: a cape, handwarmer pockets, and ample coverage.

With its comfort and durability, oilskin remains and will remain to be a coveted material in the outdoor world, whether for adventure or work. Make sure you have yours handy! Check your choices here!

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