3 Reasons To Buy An Australian Leather Hat

melissa whillas

Posted on February 09 2021

Bush Hat

So, you’re looking for a new hat? You might be considering a range of options, but here’s why a leather hat could be the best.

Leather hats are long-lasting, comfortable and they never go out of fashion.

So, stay tuned while we show you exactly why choosing a leather hat is the right choice.

Australian made hats

Leather hats are long-lasting

Since leather hats are made from durable materials they’re a great investment. Plus, most people say they get better with age. But, it’s also easy to protect them. All this makes leather hats a great option.

Leather hats can last a long time, whether you take care of them or not. Compare this to materials like cotton, which easily fray after a few cleans. Although Australian bush hats are more expensive up-front, they last much longer.

Now, most people love the look of aged leather. Just like a fine wine or delicious cheese, some things get better with age. And, your Aussie hats and oilskins fit into that category. After some use, they will begin to fade slightly giving you a unique look.

But, if you’d prefer to keep your leather hat in tip-top shape, there are ways to protect it. To keep it safe, you can apply a leather conditioner like our Kakadu MicroWax. The wax helps with repairs and keeping your hat safe from the elements.

Australian leather bush hats are comfortable

Australian made hats are bloody comfortable! This is because of the natural elasticity, soft texture and shape-keeping abilities.

Now, the natural elasticity ensures that your hat has a snug fit. This helps you to stay comfortable, no matter how long you decide to wear it.

On top of the natural elasticity, leather hats have a soft texture. This means you won’t have any of the scratching or irritation which is common with cotton hats. Some people say it’s so comfortable that they never want to take it off!

And, due to the natural elasticity and soft material, leather hats keep their shape. Now, there’s nothing worse than buying a hat and seeing it bent out of shape. With Australian made hats, you won’t have to worry as they’re sturdy and durable.

Aussie hats and oilskins never go out of fashion

Leather hats never go out of fashion. They’ve been around for the better half of a century, complement most outfits and give you a distinct style.

Men’s leather bush hats have stood the test of time. Being around for over 100 years is a testament to their popularity.

Plus, they’re great for complementing almost any outfit. But, they always go best with a staple such as a button-up shirt and jeans.

Finally, Australian leather bush hats give you a distinct style. Now that we’re into a new year, it’s a great time to try a new style. Expanding your wardrobe with a leather hat is always a safe option.

If this is your first time considering an Australian leather hat, don’t worry! The best thing to do is talk to a professional leather retailer such as Kakadu Traders. We’ve been around since 1972 and have helped many of you find your perfect fit.

Now, if you know what you’re looking for, check out our collection. But, if you need some extra help, send us an email at

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