Premium-quality Leather Hats

Jessica Roberts

Posted on September 11 2020

Brumby Hat

As a brand that is synonymous with quality, comfort, and durability and in operation and supplying over fifty countries with our high quality leather hat among other premium quality goods, you really do not need to look any further than Kakadu Traders Australia for that next leather hat you are after. We offer a wide range of only the highest quality leather hats that have potential for lifetime wear. Within our range we offer various colours, designs and materials options. In a typical leather hat on offer by us you can expect features like a full crown, mid-sized brim, ventilation eyelets and chin strap facilities. To sweeten our Aussie leather hat offering, hats in our range can offer a rating of UPF 50+. Our hats are carefully crafted to also suit a wide range of heads and head shapes and come in sizes from small through to a more burly sized XXL. If you’re buying the leather hat for your self or perhaps a gift for someone else, you can be assured we have a leather hat that suits your head shape and head size. Further to our universal fitting approach, although the majority of our range is unisex, we do also offer a more feminine line of leather hats that are finished with a printed material scarf that absolutely screams fashion. With forty unique leather hat designs available to you, you are sure to find the perfect Australian leather hat that will match your style.

Why Leather Hats Are Awesome

Australian made leather has become increasingly popular in recent times as crowds may begin to opt for a more rugged yet fashionable look. If we still have not sold you the dream on why an Australian leather hat is a great purchase, the following benefits of leather hats will. Unlike a typical non-leather hat, a leather hat boats amazing retention of shape. Regardless of whether the leather hat is worn daily, a leather hat will continue to offer the same great shape you picked up from when you first purchased it. If you have even slid on a non-leather hat and found it quite itchy and uncomfortable you will not know yourself with a leather hat. The texture of a leather hat leaves a softer feel on the skin and is less likely to irritate you. As leather offers some organic stretch as a material, a leather hat will contour comfortably to your head through its natural elasticity. Finally, another gift of owning a leather hat is that you can decide how you wish to age it. You will find some that individuals agree that leather will look better with age, however if you’re not in that group you can buy products to preserve the leather so it continue to look like you’ve just taken off the shelf from the store brand new.

Caring for your Leather Hat

Like any premium product you purchase, you’re likely to go that extra mile and take care of it. Here we’ll cover some useful tips on how you can take care of your leather hat. When you are putting your hat on, it is recommended to not squeeze that hat when doing so. This action can cause your leather hat to lose its perfect shape and can often lead to a sharp point in the leather that opens it up to damage. In order to avoid your leather hat being pushed out of shape, it is recommended to store your hat on a wall peg or rest it upside down on the crown. If practical, do not leave the hat sitting in direct sunlight as it can cause additional wear on the leather. Despite a typical leather hat being treated with product to avoid stains from other chemicals and products, it is always recommended to avoid the hat coming into contact with oil-based product or make-up. If you happen to accidently have your leather hat come into contact with such substances you can minimise the damage caused by wiping the impacted area with a soft damp cloth. To help maximise the life of your leather hat, if you happen to get any scratches on the leather, you can simply opt to apply some leather dye if the scratches are light.

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