The Appeal of the Australian Leather Hat

Jessica Roberts

Posted on December 03 2020

Leather Hat

At Kakadu Traders Australia we have enjoyed seeing the continuous appeal towards the famous Australian leather bush hat.

Many people might look back and think that an Aussie hat wouldn’t make its way to becoming such a fashion statement, but with the move towards a more rugged and rustic look in today’s trends, the Australian bush hat is grabbing the eyes of many individuals who are looking for an Aussie hat that is trendy, protects them from the sun and also fits in with their lifestyle. It is not uncommon now to regularly find city dwellers sporting an Australian leather hat and wearing it with absolute pride. Moreover, as the population has become more educated about being sun smart the shift towards an Australian leather hat continues to become stronger as individuals are now opting for a hat that is trendy yet also functional and a Australian leather hat is just that since it has an Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+.

Nowadays we find that we might purchase an accessory, wear it for a year of maybe even just a few months and it becomes damaged to the point it can no longer be worn. With an Australian made leather hat, they’ve been designed to endure the harshest environment, being exposed to the Australian sun and are designed to last. Further to their durability, some our leather hats are Australian made and are weather resistant, so regardless of the conditions you’re exposed to, rain, hail or shine, these hats will protect you well into the future while still looking trendy.

The Advantage of Australian Made

As a company that has been operating for decades and advocates for Australian made, Kakadu Traders Australia knows and fully appreciates the benefits our customers receive when they purchase an Australian made product such as our famous Australian leather bush hat. Through supplying our customers with the best Australian made products we’ve found various benefits of purchasing Australian made products that our customers continue to enjoy and tell their family and friends about. By purchasing Australian made products like Aussie hats you will always be sure that quality is not compromised, in fact quality is often the focus during the production of Australian made goods.

The reason behind this are regulations that are put in place within Australia to ensure consumers get what they pay for. By choosing to buy Australian made you receive all the benefits of reliable warranties and guarantees. Referencing the Australian Consumer Commission website, there are various consumer guarantees on products that are Australian made, which provides all consumers comfort knowing they have a guarantee to fall back on in the event a product is faulty.

A fantastic advantage to shopping local and purchasing Australian made products is that the money you have spent will stay within the Australian economy and allows our amazing country to benefit from the taxes made on the purchase and allowing jobs to be sustained and created within Australia.

Another benefit through purchasing Australian made products is that typically they are produced with the environment in mind. More and more businesses are adjusting the way their business operates to minimise their carbon footprint, whether it’s sending an invoice in an email rather than printing it off, opting for more energy efficient equipment or recycling activities, Australia continues to be more mindful about the environment.

Benefits of Owning an Australian Leather Bush Hat

As a business that absolutely loves our Australian leather bush hats, our team thoroughly enjoys sporting our Australian leather bush hats regularly and all the associated benefits of owning and wearing one and we often proclaim “Its more like a Mate than just a hat!”.

Customers who purchase a Kakadu Aussie hats quickly find out that they are a fairly universal fit. With the hat being crafted by top quality leather, this allows some moveability within the hat and can mould to most head shapes which provides comfort to the person wearing the hat and ease of selecting a size, as they are typically a one size fits all.

We often find customers choosing to buy a leather hat, Australian made is for its durability. Our Aussie hats have been designed to withstand the harshest UV rays as a result of the Australian climate, and for this reason other hats often will not come close in durability and UV protection. By purchasing and owning an Australian leather hat you enjoy knowing that you have supported local jobs and own an iconic piece of Australian made fashion which can be worn just about anywhere. If you haven’t already purchased an Australian leather hat, then look no further than Kakadu Traders for a full range of leather hats.

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