Why choose Australian Made leather hats?

Jessica Roberts

Posted on October 07 2020


The Australian sun has a much-deserved reputation the world over for being harsh and unrelenting. At Kakadu Traders Australia, we understand this and are determined to ensure that we use only quality materials in the manufacture of our Australian leather hats. Designed and crafted in such a way to deal with some of the harshest outdoor conditions in the world, these hats are a prime example as to why you should opt to choose Australian. If your hat can withstand Australian sun, you can feel confident that it will withstand the sun anywhere else your adventures may take you.

Protecting you from the sun

The harsh Australian sun can play hell with your skin. From the bridge of your nose to the tips of your ears, the sun pulls no punches. Growing up working the land our family understood what was needed to protect during the hottest driest days and when we started Kakadu Traders Australia, we applied this knowledge to ensuring our hats were up to the challenge. All these years later, we haven’t forgotten our roots and we take the same care and awareness in creating our range of leather hats. As we continue to age, our skin has a tendency to become more sensitive and within that also more fragile. Years of potential sun exposure can contribute to natural aging effects, which can ultimately lead skin that is more susceptible to the sun’s rays. While avoiding the sun at its hottest may be ideal, it’s not always possible so look after yourself with sunscreen, and when possible wear sun smart clothing. Made from quality leather and designed for comfort, our hats can help protect exposed areas of your skin.

Why Choose Kakadu Traders Australia?

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of Australian made leather goods including our iconic Australian leather hat, Kakadu Traders Australia is committed to supplying an array of the highest quality products available on the market. As a business that has been in operation for nearly fifty years, there are reasons why Kakadu Traders Australia have remained constant in an ever-changing world. With the constant emergence of new suppliers Kakadu Traders Australia continues to supply the market with their high-quality Australian made products both in Australia, and around the globe. With excellent customer service and support, join the growing number of people who make Kakadu Traders Australia their first port of call whenever they need comfortable, reliable gear that looks good and gets the job done.

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