Why Leather is a Sustainable Option

melissa whillas

Posted on January 21 2021

Brumby Hat

There has been a bit of a conversation about the sustainability of using leather and comparing it to the alternatives. While leaning towards more sustainability in fashion and how we consume, one can make a strong argument to say that leather is one of the most sustainable materials on the market. Compared to its faux counterparts, it is a natural material that is also biodegradable. It also is an industry that often relies on the offcuts from other industries, so it is about creating less waste. Faux leather is often made from plastic, which not only takes more resources to create, in a world where people lean towards more fast fashion, not only are faux leather products more likely to end up in landfill, they also are less likely to break down, thus creating more waste. Whether you are buying leather hats or jackets, most people when they purchase leather, they consider it an investment. Not only do the products last with the proper care and are more durable than the cheaper, faux leather alternatives, if they are discarded, they are more likely to be resold or will actually break down if they end up in landfill.

With Kakadu Traders Australia, we are an Australian company as well, so you know when it comes to purchasing goods through us, it is even more sustainable as your products are not coming in from overseas and having an even bigger carbon footprint. Next time you are thinking about purchasing a leather product, from well-made leather hats, jackets, belts and other products, purchasing the real thing can really be a more sustainable option.

Looking After Your Leather

One of the best things about leather is just how long it lasts and how durable it is as material but if you are truly wanting to get the best out of your leather for as long as possible then you must look after your leather products. From leather hats, jackets, bags and belts, no matter what kind of leather clothing or accessories you are using, taking care of it from the beginning is the best way to keep it in its optimal condition for many years to come. The moment you get your leather goods in your hands, it is time to start looking after it. There are many protective sprays and products that are available for purchase that can help you protect your leather goods right from the start. As you will most likely be wearing your leather goods often, cleaning them regularly is a way to ensure that they stay looking their best. The best way to clean leather hats, jackets and other leather products is to use a damp white cloth to wipe any dirt away. If your leather needs a more rigorous clean, then ensure to use professional cleaning products or take it to a professional cleaner. Keep it out of the sun and try not to let it get too wet, as both of these things can damage or fade the leather.

How to Get the Most Out of your Leather Hat

Chances are if you are buying any leather hats or other products from Kakadu Traders Australia, you are going to be wearing them in some tough conditions. That is why some advice about not letting them get too exposed to water and sun can be a little hard to avoid. It is also why knowing how to clean your leather hats is important- you want to ensure you are not doing more damage than good. The best advice is to try to avoid contact with make-up or oil-based products that may be on your skin. If that is unavoidable, as soon as possible, wipe the area with a damp white cloth. Protective oils and sprays will help protect it from too much external damage, but when you are not wearing your hat, always store it properly. Hang it on a peg or a stand away from any direct sunlight to not only help keep it in shape, but to avoid any damage or cracking of the leather from the sun's rays. Taking care of your leather not only will keep it looking its best for the longest, but how it holds up over time will show just how much of an investment it is when you purchase your leather hats from Kakadu Traders Australia.

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