Art of the Journey



The Adventures of WG Trunk Co in Mongolia

Official name: Mongolia a.k.a. ᠮᠤᠩᠭᠤᠯ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ, Monggol Ulus and Монгол Улс, Mongol Uls

Essential vocab: Thanks: Bayklalaah // Vodka please!: arkhi uu ! // Cheers: Togtooy! Or Erüül mendiin tölöö!

Brews of note: Süütei Tsai – salted milk tea //  Mongolian vodka – our pick is Chinggis  // Airag – fermented horse mares milk. Only for the brave

Favourite Bites: Khuushuur – fried mutton dumplings  //  Boodog – Whole goat roasted in the skin, deboned and insides removed, stuffed with hot river stones to help cook from the inside.

Random fact: It’s customary to expose your arm to your elbow when toasting (always with your right hand!) and touch your right elbow with your left hand – this shows you are not hiding anything (weapons or poison) up your sleeve




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