Normally WG Trunk Co is run in real time and we post on Instagram so that you can experience the adventure when we do. We recently went to Nepal and found out that we had to make an exception because country wide daily power outages for hours at a time meant that the camera got first dibs on the power point so we decided to make the most of being disconnected from technology.

In light of these devastating earthquakes we were not sure whether we should showcase our recent adventure in Nepal but we realised that the best way that we could help Nepal was by showcasing the natural beauty of the country and its people. To visit Nepal is to love it.

Travelling for us here at WG Trunk Co is so much more than just having fun, eating new foods, riding camels and site seeing. Its about observing how others in the world live, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people, some of who will become good friends even after you leave.

And when you have friends in need, you do what you can to help.



As you may have heard, Nepal suffered a 7.8 magnitude on April 25th, 2015 with continued aftershocks that caused widespread damage across the country including Kathmandu and the UNESCO Heritage Site Durbar Square in Kathmandu and reduced many buildings to rubble. It caused multiple avalanches on the Himalayas and leveled towns and villages leaving close to 450,000 displaced, 8,000 dead and tens of thousands injured.

And when hope and progress was slowly starting to work - it happened again.

Yesterday at 12:35pm Nepali time, another violent earthquake hit the country measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale. The damage from this is still to be determined.



When we heard about the first earthquake we knew we had to do something to help. The country, so rich in history, UNESCO Heritage sites and amazing natural features like the Himalayas, Mt Everest and the Annapurna range that bring in thousands of adventurers and explorers every year, is one of the world's poorest because of widespread corruption still rampant after years of civil war.

We chose the We Help Nepal organisation because it was built by a network of business owners, doctors, teachers and development workers who have lived or are currently living in Nepal. They know how the country works and have an awareness of the Nepali social and political landscape which are vital for determining better, more relevant ways to help. And we think, especially after visiting, that their criteria of supporting locally led, corruption free projects that encourage social sustainability and long-term resilience is the way forward in building Nepal.




We have set up an account with so you can make a tax deductible donation directly with them without any fuss. In addition, WG TRUNK CO HAS BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO DONATE 10% OF ALL SALES until June.

To donate or to see how We Help Nepal is helping to rebuild lives and homes, please click the image below or

The next step in the road to recovery... tourism. By visiting Nepal you not only get a chance to experience the beauty of the land and its people, but you are also helping them to rebuild their lives and homes by giving them a direct opportunity to secure their livelihood.