Mallacoota Leather Hat

Mallacoota Leather Hat



Step into the legendary world of the Mallacoota Leather Hat, where the scorching sun meets with the spirit of the true Aussie adventurer. Back in the day, when an honest bloke toiled from "sun up" to "sun down," his trusty Mallacoota hat was his shield against the relentless sun—a genuine Australian hat for the fearless souls who braved the frontier. 

Crafted from rugged waxed leather, the Mallacoota is crafted for the unforgiving bush. It's built to endure the harshest conditions, just like those old-time bushmen who carved their paths through the red dirt. With its comfortable medium crown and triple ventilation eyelets on each side, it keeps you cool and collected, even when it becomes as hot as a snake’s arse in a wagon lot. The mid-width brim strikes the perfect balance, shading your face without hindering your view of the rugged landscape that surrounds you.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty. Picture the round braids forming the hatband, tied together with our iconic metal logo featuring the mighty Boxing Roos—a symbol of strength and resilience. The Mallacoota Leather Hat is the epitome of quality craftsmanship, with its water-resistant, Australian-made design. The slicker leather only gets better with time, just like a classic yarn that improves with every retelling.

So it's a fine time to embrace your inner bushman and unleash the power of the Mallacoota Leather Hat. This hat is your companion in every daring quest, offering UPF 50+ protection and a built-in chinstrap facility for those wild wind-blown days. Slap it on your dome, feel the call of the wild, and let your spirit roam free.

Style #: 19H26