E-Kid-Na Kids Hat

E-Kid-Na Kids Hat



A pint sized version of the Kakadu Classic Leather Hat! 

Please ensure that you measure correctly before choosing the size as kid's head sizes are not determined by age.

Gather 'round, you bushwhacking juniors and backyard adventurers! Introducing the mighty "E-Kid-Na Kids Hat," the pint-sized powerhouse of the outback, scaled down for the most fearless of fledgling explorers.

True to its namesake, the E-Kid-Na is as uniquely Aussie as spotting a platypus in a billabong. This dinky-di lid is a chip off the old block, a mini-me version of the Kakadu Classic Leather Hat, and it's got more Aussie grit than a Nullarbor roadhouse.

This little ripper is stitched up with slicker leather that’s as tough as a croc's hide and just as impressive. In the classic black, your nipper will look sharper than a shearer's shears, and in the rugged brown, they'll be camouflaged quicker than a quokka in the underbrush.

With a UPF 50+ rating, this hat's brim is like the never-ending canopy of the Aussie sky, keeping your little larrikin's scone safe from the blazing sun. And that hand-braided hatband? It’s tougher than a wallaby's workout and cooler than a cucumber in a Coolgardie safe.

But wait, there’s more! Before you wrangle up one of these beauties, make sure you measure your little tackers' noggin. This isn't a "one size fits all" gig. We’ve got sizes from Kids S - 48cm for the little joeys, up to Kids M - 50cm and Kids L - 52cm for the growing emus.

Australian-made and bush-ready, the E-Kid-Na Kids Hat is for the young 'uns with a spirit of adventure, born to explore every corner of the backyard outback, from the wilds of the sandpit to the mysteries of the veggie patch.

So slap on an E-Kid-Na, and watch your kiddo transform into an intrepid outback ranger, leading expeditions under the Hills Hoist and beyond. It’s not just a hat; it’s an adventure on top of your head, ready to write tales of the bush, the beach, and the great beyond. Here’s to the next generation of explorers – go on, get amongst it!

Sizing: Kids S - 48cm | Kids M - 50cm | Kids L - 52cm

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