Kids Soaka Hat

Kids Soaka Hat



Get your little ones ready to take on the wild like a true-blue Aussie youngin’ with the Kids Soaka Hat. It's not just a hat—it's a pint-sized powerhouse, specially crafted to conquer the great outdoors and keep your little legends looking stylish as they embrace the spirit of adventure.

Just like its grown-up counterpart, the Kids Soaka Hat is a force to be reckoned with. Crafted by the skilled hands of Aussie craftsmen, it's tougher than a goanna's hide and ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws its way. 

But here's the cool part—when the summer sun cranks up the heat, you've got a secret weapon. Give the hat a dunk in water, and boom! Instant coolness for your little fella’s noggin. It's like having your very own personal oasis, right on top of your head.

This hat has also got a hand-braided hatband that adds a dash of outback flair, making your mini explorer stand out like a frangipani in a desert. And the micro-suede Soaka fabric? It's not only water-resistant but also boasts a UPF 50+, shielding your young adventurer from the sun's sneaky rays. The Kids Soaka - the only headwear that any youngin’ needs!

All hats in our Soaka micro-suede range come with a built-in chinstrap and have a UPF 50+. They are ultra-lightweight - they weigh less than 150gm / 5oz.

Please note that just like with adults, kids head sizes are not determined by age so please measure your child's head before ordering.

Style #: 4H31A