Spaniard Shapeable Hat

Spaniard Shapeable Hat



Get ready to add a unique touch of adventure to your outdoor escapades with the Spainard Shapeable Hat! If you're after something a little different and a whole lot of fun, then this hat is the perfect companion. It's like having your own wild fiesta right on your head!

The Spainard Shapeable Hat is a true Aussie classic with a twist. The brim is crafted from our vintage leather, giving it a rustic charm that'll have you feeling like you've stepped straight out of a rugged frontier. And the crown? Bloody ripper! Made from embossed pull-up leather, it adds a texture and depth that's as captivating as the tales of the Australian outback

Durability? Ken oath! This hat is built to withstand the wildest of adventures. It's water-resistant, so a sudden downpour won't dampen your spirits or your head. Plus, it boasts a mighty UPF 50+ rating, protecting you from the blazing sun. 

The hat’s shapeable brim is where this bad boy truly shines. Get ready to play, amigos! The wired brim lets you mold and shape this hat to your heart's desire. Bend it, twist it, give it a touch of your own personality. It's a hat that's as versatile as the flamenco, allowing you to make a statement that's uniquely yours. The Spainard Shapeable Hat also features a hand-braided hatband, adding that extra touch of Aussie charm. And the ventilation eyelets? They'll keep your head cool and comfortable, even when the sun is turning up the heat.

So, whether you're exploring the vast Aussie outback or simply craving a hat that screams "Olé!", the Spainard Shapeable Hat is your perfect match. Slip it on, feel the adventure course through your veins, and get ready to dance to the rhythm of your own beat. It's time to embrace the Aussie hat that's as bold and spirited as our Iberican friends!

Style #: 5HW33