Toorak Shirt

Toorak Shirt



When we say the Toorak Shirt is as tough as an old gum tree, we're not kidding. In fact, we had to ask it politely just to convince it to bend at the elbows! 

Crafted from the kind of heavyweight Ironclad canvas that can handle anything you throw its way, the Toorak Shirt is the ultimate partner for your outdoor expeditions. Whether you're wrangling sheep, casting lines, or just kicking back with the gentry at a pub in Toorak, this shirt's for all sorts!

Now, let's talk details. This long sleeve button-down is designed for the blokes who don't just conquer the wild; they do it in style. With roll-up sleeve tabs that say, "I'm ready for anything," and pockets riveted so securely you could hang a hammock from them, this shirt means business. And those topstitched seams? They're as reliable as your ute, mate. We swear!

But that's not all - check out those front patch pockets! We're not just giving you one; we're giving you two, with the right one stacked on top, ready to cradle your sunnies like a mother hen. Plus, there's a sneaky quick-entry snap pocket on the right, because we know you're always on the move.

And let's not forget the custom metal Kakadu buttons and rivets. It's like the shirt's saying, “I’m form meets function!” Those back action pleats? They're like little gifts of mobility, giving you the freedom to wrestle crocs or to reach into the esky without any restrictions.

So, whether you're tackling work or seeking out the next adventure, the Toorak Shirt is your Ironclad canvas clad true mate!

Style #: 5S06