Longreach Shapeable Leather Hat

Longreach Shapeable Leather Hat



Crafted from pull-up grain leather, the Longreach Shapeable Leather Hat is as tough as an old stockman and ready to go wherever, whenever. Adventure isn't for the faint-hearted, but with the Longreach on your head, you'll face every challenge head-on and with a swagger as mighty as a stampeding herd of brumbies.

The wired brim lets you mold it to your liking—whether you want it wide like a drover's grin or a little more narrow like a city slicker, it's your call. No matter how you shape it, the Longreach hat keeps you in control of your destiny, one stylish bend at a time. A genuine crocodile hatband adds a touch of rugged elegance, while the tall, pinched crown embodies the spirit of the outback. With ventilation eyelets and a chinstrap facility, this hat is as practical as it is stylish. And with its UPF 50+ rating, you can wander under the blazing sun with confidence. 

Adventure your own way, my friends. The Longreach Shapeable Hat—where untamed spirit meets timeless style. It's time to leave your mark on this great land, one step at a time.

Style #: 6HW44