Mcleod Shirt

Mcleod Shirt



Say g’day to a shirt that's as tough as an old bull and ready to tackle any wild one you throw its way. Say hello to the Mcleod Shirt, the ultimate partner for those who eat danger for brekkie and don't mind a bit of dust on their sleeves.

When it comes to durability, the Mcleod laughs in the face of wear and tear. Crafted from our heavyweight Ironclad canvas, this shirt is built to handle whatever you dish out. It's like wearing a slice of the outback itself—rugged, dependable, and ready for action. Those topstitched seams? They're not just for show - they're here to ensure this shirt stands strong through all your escapades.

But let's not forget about style, because the Mcleod Shirt doesn't just bring the muscle, it's got the looks to match. Those large flapped patch pockets aren't just for storing your bits and bobs; they're a nod to practicality and security, ensuring your gear stays put as you conquer the unknown. And that metal snap closure? It's like your shirt giving you a firm handshake and saying, "I’ve got this, no worries!”

Versatility? You betcha! The Mcleod is the chameleon of shirts, perfect for workwear that keeps the boss man happy, outdoor escapades that make your heart race, travel jaunts that make memories, or just a casual stroll to the local for a brew or two. The action back pleats? They're there to give you the freedom to move like a kangaroo on the hop, because who needs restrictions when you're on an adventure?

So, whether you're exploring the great unknown, wrangling life's challenges, or simply seeking comfort in a shirt that's as iconic as a Vegemite sambo, the Mcleod Shirt is your go-to mate.

Style #: 21MS02