Bendigo Breeze Hat Zebra Scarf

Bendigo Breeze Hat Zebra Scarf


Black Suede

Here comes a hat that's as ready for adventure as you are—the Bendigo Breeze with Zebra Scarf. Perfect for the rugged individual with a taste for the wild, this hat is all about blending Aussie toughness with a splash of exotic flair.

Decked out in classic black, the Bendigo Breeze is more than just a hat—it's a statement. Made from Mossback Suede Leather and complemented with a robust mesh, this hat is built to handle everything from the scorching sun at Uluru to the unpredictable squalls in Tassie. And with a UPF 50+ rating, it’s like wearing a portable piece of shade wherever you roam.

But let’s get to the zesty bit—the Zebra Scarf! Not your average hat trim, this scarf is a nod to the wild side we all have. Whether you're cruising through the outback or just firing up the BBQ in the backyard, this scarf adds a stripe of cheeky charm that’s sure to turn heads.

Featuring a Classic Block design that keeps things simple yet stylish, the Bendigo Breeze is kitted out with a hand-braided hatband that adds just the right touch of bushman chic. The ventilation mesh isn’t just for show—it cools your crown as you conquer the wild, making those long summer treks a breeze.

And don't worry about this beauty flying off at the first gust of wind; the chinstrap facility ensures your new favorite hat stays firmly on your noggin, no matter how rough the ride gets.

With a 7.5 cm brim and an 8.5 cm crown, this hat offers both ample protection and comfort. So, if you're keen to show off your adventurous spirit with a touch of wild style, the Bendigo Breeze with Zebra Scarf is your go-to gear. Australian made and ready to accompany you on every trek, this hat isn’t just an accessory—it’s a part of your adventure kit. So slap it on, and let’s get cracking on that next big bush adventure!

Style #: 9H13