Bondi Bi-Fold Wallet

Bondi Bi-Fold Wallet



Introducing the Bondi Bi-Fold Wallet – a ripper accessory crafted from primo Italian vegetable-tanned leather. This beaut is more than just a wallet; it's your sidekick for corralling all your cash and bits & bobs with flair. Perfect for gifting, or taking it to a beach pub after a cheeky dip.

Picture this: as you embark on life's adventures, this wallet ages like a fine drop of Margeret River red in the outback sun, gaining character and charm. Choose from the rugged Cedar, giving off those authentic Aussie vibes, or the sleek black for a touch of city sophistication.

But hold on, there's more to this wallet than meets the eye! With an ID holder, it's your personal VIP pass. And talk about capacity – this wallet can wrangle a fair dinkum load of cards, ensuring you're always ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Stamped with a cheeky kangaroo logo, this wallet isn't just a keeper of cash; it's a style statement, a conversation starter, and a reliable mate for the long haul. Get yourself the Bondi Bi-Fold, where top-shelf meets down-to-earth Aussie charm.

Style# 23A12