Bronco Tinnie Drywax Shapeable Hat

Bronco Tinnie Drywax Shapeable Hat



Meet the Bronco Tinnie Drywax Shapeable Hat – your new best mate for tackling the Aussie sun with swagger! Crafted from our legendary drywax canvas, this hat is as light as a summer breeze but tough as a croc in a tug-of-war.

With a wide brim that's like your personal shade oasis and a UV-blasting UPF 50+, this hat's a certified sunshield superhero. It's not just about looking sharp; it's about staying cool in the blazing heat. Rain in the tropics? No worries, this hat's water-resistant, ready to conquer the elements, come rain or shine!

Decked out in the classic Western Block style, it's like a nod to the rough-and-tumble Aussie outback spirit. And check out the Longhorn Hat band – a touch of upcountry flair that adds a spring to your stride.

Built for adventure and fashioned for style, the Bronco Tinnie Drywax Shapeable Hat is more than just a hat; it's an outback essential. So, throw it on, shape it to your liking, and let's hit the dusty trail!

The Bronco Tinnie Drywax Canvas Hat features:
  • UPF 50+
  • Water resistant
  • Western Block
  • Longhorn Hat band
  • Shapeable
  • Built in Drywax Canvas

Style #:  H46F4-31SU