Bundaberg Woolfelt Hat

Bundaberg Woolfelt Hat



The Bundaberg woolfelt hat comes in our safari block and sports a hand painted leather band and is made out of 100% Australian woolfelt.

Check this out, you trail-blazing, snag-grilling, bush-dancing, adventure-seekers! Meet the Bundaberg Woolfelt Hat - not just a piece of headwear, but a bonza mate that'll stick by you through thick and thin.

She's a beauty, this wool felt hat. Fashioned from the softest, most durable 100% Australian wool felt, the Bundaberg is as resilient as a roo and as classy as a koala in a tux. We're talking about a hat that's more protective than your mum at a footy match, with a UPF 50+ rating that'll shield your scone from the fierce sun like a champ.

Crafted in our signature safari block, the Bundaberg is the ultimate nod to our rugged heritage. It's as versatile as a swagman's vocabulary, coming in colours that'll make you feel like the king of the bush: the pecan hues of the soil, the earthy olive of the Outback, the golden oat of the wheat fields, and the deep black of a billabong at midnight.

And that hand painted, embossed leather band? It's as striking as a sunset over Uluru, telling tales of the wild and whispering secrets of the vast, untamed landscapes you're yet to roam. Each hat is a canvas of adventure, waiting to be splattered with the red dust of your next escapade.

Aimed at the courageous souls out there, the Bundaberg is more than just a hat - it's a companion. It's for those who feel the pull of the horizon, who share a yarn over a campfire, and who know that true freedom is found where the bitumen ends and the dirt road begins.

So, chuck on the Bundaberg Woolfelt Hat and feel the spirit of independence rest upon your brow. Let it fuel your passion for exploration, your connection with history, and your sense of camaraderie with the legends who tread the path before you.

Don't just wear the Bundaberg. Live it. Breathe it. And let the call of the wild Bush echo in your heart. Here's to the adventurers - the Bundaberg salutes you!

 Style #: H50F3-WF22