Bundalong Belt - Double Keeper

Bundalong Belt - Double Keeper


Dark Brown

Alright, you rugged rovers and bush battlers, it’s time to gird your loins with the "Bundalong Belt - Double Keeper," the only belt in the outback that’s as reliable as your old ute and as sturdy as a gum tree. This belt isn’t just a strip of leather; it’s a symbol of Aussie grit and a tribute to the hard yakka lifestyle.

Crafted from the land down under, this belt is Australian through and through, just like meat pies and footy on a Saturday arvo. With a 38mm strap width, it’s as broad as the smile on a larrikin's face and as tough as a croc's hide.

Our Bundalong comes in colours that tell a story of the Aussie landscape: the pitch black of a midnight outback sky, the rich cognac of the soil in the Barossa, the dark brown of a well-brewed billy tea, and the tan of a salty surfer at Bondi.

Featuring our unique Eureka gold hardware, this beauty shines brighter than the Southern Cross. The heavy-duty buckle and keepers can take more knocks than a boxer in the ring, and the double keeper design means your belt’s as secure as a joey in a pouch.

With seven hole adjusters, you've got the freedom to loosen up after a big feed or tighten up when you're on the move. And let's not forget the embossed kangaroo logo, as dinky-di as Skippy and just as iconic.

So whether you’re conquering the untamed bush, sharing stories around the campfire, or cracking open a cold one after a hard day’s work, the Bundalong Belt is your steadfast companion. It’s not just holding up your strides; it’s carrying the spirit of independence and adventure around your waist.

When you cinch up the Bundalong, you’re not just fitting in with the Aussie legends of yore; you’re ready to make your own mark. So, go ahead, give your pants the partner they deserve and step out into the world with the Bundalong Belt - Double Keeper. Your trousers will thank you, and your mates might just salute you.

Style #: 22A07