Bundalong Belt - Single Keeper

Bundalong Belt - Single Keeper


Dark Brown

Fair dinkum, here it is: the Bundalong Single Keeper Belt, made tough and true to suit any bloke or sheila who doesn't shy away from a day's hard yakka or a weekend bush bash. If your old belt gives up the ghost faster than you can say Bob's your uncle, then it's time to buckle up with a Bundalong.

Straight from the land of dust and dreams, this belt comes in four ripper colours: a black as slick as a raven's back, a cognac as rich as a squatter's wallet, a dark brown as earthy as the mighty Murray River mud, and a tan that’s as warm as a sunset over Uluru. Choose your hue and wear it like a badge of honour.

The Bundalong isn't just another strap to keep your trousers from becoming ankle warmers; it's a 38mm strip of pure Aussie grit. It sports a heavy-duty Eureka Gold buckle and keeper, tough enough to handle anything from wrangling roos to wrestling a coldie at the end of a scorcher. And with seven hole adjusters, you’ve got more wiggle room than a wallaby in a wigwam.

But here’s the clincher—each belt features an embossed kangaroo logo, a salute to our favourite national symbol. It’s like carrying a piece of the Aussie bush wherever you go, from the red centre to the urban sprawl.

Australian made and built to last, the Bundalong Belt is for the fearless spirits who tread their own paths, forge their own stories, and live by their own rules. It’s for those who thrive on independence, cherish freedom, and understand that every adventure, big or small, is a journey through history itself.

So strap on a Bundalong, mate, and feel the spirit of Australia cinching up your day. It’s more than a belt; it’s a companion on the road less travelled. Ready to stand the test of time and terrain, just like you.

We recommend you go one size up from your pant size.

Style #: 22A06