Byrnes Wide Brim Woolfelt Hat

Byrnes Wide Brim Woolfelt Hat



This right here is a true-blue Aussie legend crafted from the finest Australian woolfelt with a handle so firm, it's practically as tough as the Outback itself. Ready for action, this hat boasts a leather inner sweat band for comfort that lasts all day, whether you're herding cattle or just enjoying a cold one with mates.

Sporting an extra-wide brim, the Byrnes is your go-to shield against the relentless Aussie sun. Complete with a dashing embossed leather hat band featuring a metal buckle, this hat isn't just practical; it's a stylish statement that says, "I'm ready for anything."

Fully lined and ready to go, the Byrnes Wide Brim Woolfelt Hat doesn't just sit on your head—it becomes a part of your adventures. With an impressive UPF 50+, it's your trusted companion for sun-soaked days in the bush.

Don this hat, mate, and step out with confidence. Whether you're working the land or hitting the town, the Byrnes is your ticket to Aussie style and durability.