Cadia Single Keeper Belt

Cadia Single Keeper Belt


Dark Brown

Alright, you rugged rovers, have a squizz at this: the Cadia Belt, as solid and dependable as an old ute and as Aussie as snags on the barbie. It's not just any belt – it's a true-blue companion that'll keep your strides higher than the spirit of Ned Kelly.

Forget those flimsy bits of leather that call themselves belts. The Cadia is made to stick it out through thick and thin, from the dusty plains to the wild scrub. It comes in colours as diverse as our sunburnt country – the sleek black of a cockatoo's feathers, the rich cognac of a bush sunset, the deep brown of a Buloke tree, and the honest tan of a drover's skin.

At 30mm strap width, it's as broad as a grin on a Friday arvo. This beaut is Aussie made and tougher than a week in the outback without a beer. The heavy-duty Eureka Gold buckle is like a medal of honour for your waist, inspired by the rebellion that shaped our nation – it's history you can hitch your pants up with.

Featuring seven hole adjusters, it's more flexible than a gymnast at the Olympics. Whether you've been knocking back the meat pies or chasing roos, the Cadia's got you covered with room to move. And don't miss the embossed kangaroo logo, a little hopper that's got your back, marking you as one of the crew who knows the bush inside out.

Here's the hot tip: go one size up from your pant size to make sure this ripper fits you like a dream. The Cadia Belt ain't just for holding up your dacks; it's for striding out into the world with the confidence of a kookaburra's cackle. It's for the hard workers, the adventurers, the mates sharing tales around the campfire. Slap on the Cadia, and feel the heartbeat of Australia wrapped around your waist. It's not just a belt; it's a symbol of the land we love and the adventures that await.

We recommend you go one size up from your pant size.

Style #: 23A06