High Country Belt - Single Keeper

High Country Belt - Single Keeper


Dark Brown

Buckle up! The High Country Single Keeper Belt is here, tougher than a stockman's leather and as bold as a bushranger's escape. Crafted for the blokes who aren't afraid to push the boundaries and the sheilas who steer their own course, this is the belt that's been missing from your kit.

Coming at you in shades as diverse as the Australian landscape itself, this stunner is available in a deep black as mysterious as a midnight outback sky, a rich cognac that glows like campfire embers, and a dark brown as earthy as the soil in the bush. Each one is a nod to the rugged beauty of our high country and ready to take on whatever the wild throws your way.

Made right here in the land down under, the High Country belt boasts a hefty 38mm strap width – broad enough to hold up your daks through the toughest days on the job or the wildest adventures in the bush. The heavy-duty matte tonal buckle isn’t just for looks; it’s as functional as a Swiss Army knife and as sturdy as your granddad’s old work boots.

But that’s not all – with tonal buckles and keepers, plus a bespoke engraved keeper, this belt is as stylish as it is practical. It features seven hole adjusters for that perfect fit, giving you extra room to move when you’re jumping over logs or bending down to inspect the tracks of a wandering wombat.

And just when you think it couldn’t get more Aussie, there’s the embossed kangaroo logo, a true-blue tribute to our national symbol of resilience and agility.

So, if you’re keen to show off your love for the Aussie bush and need a belt as ready for adventure as you are, the High Country Single Keeper Belt is your new best mate. It's not just a part of your attire; it's a part of your heritage. Grab one, throw it on, and carry a piece of the high country wherever you go.

We recommend you go one size up from your pant size.

The High Country Single Keeper Belt features:
  • 38mm (1 1/2 Inch) strap width.
  • Heavy duty matte tonal buckle and keeper.
  • 7 hole adjusters
  • Embossed kangaroo logo
  • Australian Made

Style #: 22A11