Katoomba Woolfelt Hat

Katoomba Woolfelt Hat



The Katoomba woolfelt hat comes in our safari block and sports a hand painted leather band and is made out of 100% Australian woolfelt.

Introducing the legendary Katoomba Woolfelt Hat – your new best friend for every rugged adventure down under and beyond. This isn't just any hat; it's a tip of the hat to true-blue Aussie spirit, crafted for the wild at heart and the bold in spirit.

First off, the Katoomba is more Aussie than a kangaroo in a boxing ring. Made from 100% soft Australian wool felt, it's as authentic as they come. We're talking about a material that laughs in the face of harsh Outback sun, keeps its cool in a dust-up, and still looks sharper than a sheila at a Saturday shindig.

But hold your horses, it gets better. This beauty is shaped in our exclusive safari block – because let's face it, every day is an adventure. Whether you're traversing the rugged Blue Mountains or just dreaming about them from your backyard, this hat brings a piece of the untamed bush to your head.

And talk about protection! With a UPF 50+ rating, the Katoomba is like having your own personal shade tree, keeping those harmful rays at bay while you're out wrangling the wild or just having a chinwag with mates.

But wait, there's more: the hand-painted, embossed leather band. It's not just a band, it’s a testament to craftsmanship, a nod to our rich heritage, and a perfect conversation starter. Each hat tells its own story, just like every explorer has their tale to tell.

Imported with love and a bit of Aussie cheek, the Katoomba Woolfelt Hat is for those who aren't just living life but grabbing it by the horns. It's for the independent souls, the freedom seekers, the history connectors, and the camaraderie creators.

So, whatcha waiting for? Grab a Katoomba and tip your hat to the spirit of exploration, the challenge of the wild, and the bond of mateship. It's not just a hat; it's your ticket to adventure. Say "Hoo-roo" to the ordinary, and "G'day" to the extraordinary with the Katoomba Woolfelt Hat.

Style #: H51F4-WF27