Kids Big Jim's Bush Hat

Kids Big Jim's Bush Hat

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Oi, little adventurers! Meet the Kids Big Jim's Bush Hat — your new best mate for every wild romp and rumpus in the great Aussie outdoors. Named after the legendary Big Jim, a bloke who knew a thing or two about tackling the bush, this hat is as tough as a crocodile wrestler and as keen as a billy boiling over an open fire.

Crafted for the young explorers with hearts as wild as the outback, Big Jim’s comes in rugged brown like the dusty trails, tobacco like the old bushman’s jacket, and black as a moonless outback night. Whichever colour you pick, you're ready to blend into the bush or stand out at the schoolyard.

This isn’t just any hat; it’s a fortress for your noggin. With UPF 50+ protection, it shields your scone from the harsh Aussie sun better than a slab of zinc on a cricketer's lips. Water-resistant? You betcha! Come rain or river crossings, this hat keeps your head as dry as a dead dingo’s bones.

The classic block and extra wide 8.5 cm brim mean you’re covered from every angle, while the hand-braided hatband and Kakadu metal badge add a dash of bushranger style. The chinstrap keeps it snug when the wind’s howling like a dingo at dawn, and those ventilation eyelets let your melon breathe easier than a goanna in a gum tree.

And it's Aussie made, right here where the wild roams free. Designed to stand up to the thrills and spills of childhood adventures, from digging for treasure in the backyard to hiking through the bush with your mates.

So slap a Big Jim on your head, cinch up that chinstrap, and set off into the wild. Whether you’re tracking through the scrub or playing hide and seek in the garden, this hat’s a true blue companion on every adventure. Here’s to freedom, mateship, and the spirit of the bush — all packed into Big Jim’s Bush Hat for the next generation of Aussie legends.

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