Kids Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat

Kids Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat



New Kids Size Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat - a Kakadu Classic now available for the whole family!

Hold onto your hats, little wranglers! The Kids Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat is ready to gallop into your wardrobe and take you on a wild adventure across the Aussie bush. Perfect for young explorers with a fierce spirit and a taste for the great outdoors, this hat isn’t just for show—it’s a rugged piece of gear for the rough and tumble life of a junior adventurer.

Crafted in bark and black, colors as true as the Aussie soil and midnight skies, the Brumby is as sturdy as it is stylish. Built from pull-up embossed leather, this hat is designed to withstand the elements, from a splash across the creek to a roll in the red dust. And with UPF 50+ protection, it keeps those harmful rays at bay while you’re tracking through the bush or watching the roos at sunset.

This isn’t your average kiddie cap; it’s got a western block that means business and a leather loop hatband adorned with a Longhorn badge that might just make the grown-ups a tad jealous. It’s a tip of the hat to our rugged cattle station heritage and is as iconic as a billy boiling over an open fire.

The Brumby knows that keeping cool is key, so it comes fitted with ventilation eyelets that work harder than a dingo on the prowl. And don’t worry about this beauty flying off in the wind; the chinstrap keeps it snug as a bug, even when you’re off chasing your mates or climbing the nearest gum tree.

With an 8 cm brim and a 10 cm crown, this hat gives plenty of shade and space for all those big ideas and wild dreams. And because we know how quickly you lot grow, it’s available in XS - 53cm to fit even the keenest young bushwalker.

So slap on the Brumby, gather your gang, and set out to make your mark in the wild Australian yonder. It’s not just a hat, it’s a part of your adventure kit, ready to forge memories of freedom, camaraderie, and the untamed wilderness of our beloved land.

Style #: 6HW46