Kids Cordoba Leather Hat

Kids Cordoba Leather Hat



Hey there, little outback adventurers! Buckle up, because the Kids Cordoba Leather Hat is here to take your outdoor games to legendary levels! Crafted with all the toughness of a drover's boots and designed for the young bushranger in all of you, this hat is your new partner in crime for all things wild and woody.

This isn’t just any old hat; it's a piece of the Australian heritage, tailored for the daring spirits destined to roam the vast lands. Made from the finest embossed pull-up leather, the Kids Cordoba hat comes in a rich brown that blends into the bush as smoothly as a lizard on a rock. The detailed embossing isn't just for looks—it tells stories of the bush, the desert, and all the adventures waiting under the Aussie sun.

The Kids Cordoba isn’t just tough; it’s clever too, with a UPF 50+ rating that keeps the harsh sun off your noggin better than a shady gum tree. It's water-resistant too, so whether you’re tracking through the tropical north or splashing around in creek beds, your head stays as dry as the great outback.

We know that no good hat skips on details, so we've thrown in an urban block that’s stylish enough for the city but rugged enough for the bush. A hand-braided hatband adds that extra bit of bushwhacker flair, and the chinstrap ensures that your trusty hat won’t go flying off in a gust of wind.

With ventilation eyelets to keep your head cool on hot Aussie days and a brim of 6.5 cm paired with a crown of 9.5 cm, this hat is built for comfort and style. Sized in XS - 53cm, it’s ready to start young explorers on their path to adventure.

So, gear up with the Kids Cordoba Leather Hat, and get ready to blaze trails, forge streams, and discover the untamed beauty of the bush with the spirit of independence and camaraderie. This isn’t just a hat—it’s an invitation to adventure!

Style #: 19H33