Kids Soaka Breeze Hat

Kids Soaka Breeze Hat



This hat is about to revolutionize your kid's playtime! Just like its grown-up counterpart, this hat's a legend in the making, designed to conquer the wildest of kiddie adventures.

Imagine this: scorching sun, endless giggles, and boundless energy. That's where the Kids Soaka Breeze Hat steps in! Crafted to be a mini version of the Kakadu classic, this hat means business when it comes to battling the elements.

The materials used make the Kids Soaka Breeze not just any hat—it's a cooling marvel. Thanks to its ventilating mesh, it lets the breeze in like an accommodating publican, keeping those young noggins cool even when the temperature's on the rise.

And here's the kicker: when the heat's cranked up to "outback sizzle," just dunk the Kids Soaka Breeze Hat in water, and it becomes your kiddo's personal air conditioner. Yeah, you heard that right—cool heads prevail, even on the hottest days. This hat's got all the bells and whistles to keep your little trailblazer comfy. The built-in chinstrap ensures the hat stays put, no matter how wild the adventure gets. And with the lightweight design weighing less than a handful of Tim Tams, it's like wearing a feather on their head!

The hat is chokkers full of pure Aussie charm, with its hand-braided hatband adding that extra dash of flair. Made from micro suede Soaka fabric, it's water-resistant and ready to take on the muddiest of puddles and the cheekiest of water fights. So, to the parents, if you've got a mini adventurer with a heart that craves the great outdoors, the Kids Soaka Breeze Hat is their ticket to conquering every backyard safari, beach day, and camping trip.

All hats in our Soaka micro-suede range come with a built-in chinstrap and are ultra-lightweight - they weigh less than 150gm / 5oz.

Please note that just like with adults, kids head sizes are not determined by age so please measure your child's head before ordering.

Style #: 4H16A