Lefroy Belt - Single Keeper

Lefroy Belt - Single Keeper


Dark Brown

Say g'day to the "Lefroy Belt," the trusty slab of leather that’s more reliable than your ute and more steadfast than a blue heeler. Coming to you in colors as diverse as the great Aussie landscape – from the slick black of a cockatoo's feather, to the deep, dark brown of a damp, outback soil, the sunset glow of cognac, and the classic Aussie tan that's reminiscent of a golden outback dawn.

Crafted with a no-nonsense 38mm strap width, it's as broad as the grin on a crocodile and sturdy enough to hold up your daks through anything – from wrestling a roo to bending down for a cold one. This ripper is Aussie Made, which means it’s born from the blood, sweat, and beers of the Land Down Under.

Now, this ain't your ordinary belt. It's fitted with a heavy-duty Eureka Gold buckle, tough enough to survive a cyclone and shiny enough to impress Sheila from accounts. And with seven holes for adjusting, you can scoff a meat pie or three and still keep your strides north of the equator.

The Lefroy Belt isn't just a bit of cowhide to loop through your jeans; it's a badge of honor, embossed with a kangaroo logo that leaps right off the leather. It's a nod to the spirit of independence, the freedom of our wide-open skies, the camaraderie shared over a campfire yarn, and the connection to a history as rich as the goldfields.

And remember, mates, size up! Because just like a good campsite, you want a bit of extra space to kick back in. Strap on the Lefroy Belt and feel the spirit of adventure tighten around your waist. It's more than a belt; it’s a companion for the untamed bush and beyond. Whether you’re cutting tracks through the scrub or propping up the bar, the Lefroy Belt is the trusty mate you want holding up your pants.

We recommend you go one size up from your pant size.

Style #: 22A08