Murray Elasticated Belt

Murray Elasticated Belt



Introducing the Murray Elasticated Belt—your new best mate for all things work and play. Just like the bushman of old, this belt combines rugged reliability with a touch of laid-back charm. It's not just any old belt—it's the one that'll hold your pants up through every Aussie escapade, from wrangling cattle to enjoying a sausage sizzle and beers.

The Murray Belt, or as we fondly call it, the easyrider, takes the cake when it comes to blending the worlds of workwear and leisurewear. It's got that tough-as-nails heavy-duty cowhide leather tip, ensuring it's as steadfast as a dingo on a mission. The solid buckle closure at the front means your gear stays put, no matter what adventure you're tackling.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show—the flexible elastic woven strap. This is where the magic happens. It can give and take, being able to stretch, particularly handy after Christmas brunches and drinking sessions. Adjustability is the name of the game, with five hole adjusters to ensure the perfect fit, no matter how many pies you devour.

Last but not least, check out that embossed Boxing Roo logo—because even our belts are proud to be Aussie! Slip on the Murray, let it embrace you like a warm outback breeze, and get ready to take on the wild with style.

Small 28-32 / Medium 34-38 / Large 40-44

The Murray Elasticated Belt features:

  • Heavy duty buckle.
  • 5 hole adjusters.
  • Woven elasticated strap.
  • Embossed kangaroo logo.

Style #: 22A20