Ned Kelly Belt Buckle

Ned Kelly Belt Buckle


Get ready to buckle up and pay homage to the legend himself with our "Ned Kelly Belt Buckle." Crafted right here in the heart of Australia, this antique silver masterpiece is more than just a buckle – it's a bushranging tribute that tells a tale that lives on in the collective Australian memory.

In the center, you've got Ned Kelly's steely gaze, a true-blue Aussie icon. On the left, meet Sergeant Steele, the bloke who tried to (and did) rain on Ned's parade. And on the right, catch a glimpse of Kelly's iron-clad rig that made history in the Jones’ Inn back in 1880 – where Ned Kelly made his 'last stand' like a true Aussie hero.

Slide this buckle onto our Western belt strap, and you'll be strutting around like a rooster in the morning sun, proudly sporting a piece of Aussie folklore. It's more than an accessory; it's a yarn-starter, a nod to the grit and spirit that built this sunburnt country.

So, grab your Ned Kelly Belt Buckle – not just an accessory, but a slice of Aussie history that'll have you shouting "that's a ripper!" every time you look in the mirror. True blue and dinkum Aussie craftsmanship, right at your fingertips!