Rustler Belt

Rustler Belt


Dark Brown

Feast your eyes on the Rustler Belt—an Aussie essential that's tougher than a bull's hide and ready to wrangle any outdoor challenge you throw its way. This ain't your run-of-the-mill belt; it's a piece of the Outback that's been crafted to accompany you on any expedition to anywhere and everywhere.

Handcrafted from the thickest bridle leather this side of the Southern Cross, the Rustler Belt is a symbol of rugged endurance. It boasts a silver buckle that's tougher than a gum tree, and a leather keeper that's as sturdy as a rock.

With 7 hole adjusters, this belt is as versatile as a Land Cruiser with clearance. This masterpiece of Australian craftsmanship proudly features our Boxing Roo logo, a nod to the incredible wildlife that calls our land home. It's like wearing a piece of the Outback right on your hip.

The Rustler Belt is more than just a belt—it's a reminder of the untamed spirit that courses through the veins of every true-blue Aussie.

We recommend you go one size up from your pant size.

Style #: 22A03