Santa Fe Shapeable Hat

Santa Fe Shapeable Hat



Ready to add a dash of outback flair to your style? Cast your eyes no further than the Santa Fe Shapeable Hat! Crafted from exotic Spaniard embossed pull-up leather, this hat isn't just an accessory—it's an attitude.Made right here in the heart of Australia, it's a unisex marvel that brings together rugged durability and sleek style. Whether you're wandering the outback or strolling the city streets, this hat is your perfect companion. It's water-resistant, so unexpected showers won't dampen your day, and with UPF 50+, it's your shield against that scorching Aussie sun.

But here's the best bit: it's shapeable! Mold it to your mood, bend it to your vibe—this hat adapts to your style. The Western Block design and vintage embossed Safari Leather give it that classic charm, while the hand-braided hatband adds a touch of bespoke craftsmanship.

So, whether you're after that rustic outback look or aiming for a hint of cowboy cool, the Santa Fe Shapeable Hat is your go-to. Get ready to turn heads and own every adventure with this versatile, statement-making hat!

Style #: H46FW3-SP06