Shepparton Drywax Vest

Shepparton Drywax Vest



If you're a fair dinkum sort of bloke, you understand the value of a solid vest. When the cold wind starts nipping at your heels on the job, a top-notch vest like the Shepparton Drywax Vest is your friend indeed. Crafted with the care and craftsmanship that makes us Aussie proud, the Shepparton Vest is more than just a piece of clothing—it's a testament to rugged functionality and Aussie ingenuity. Made from heavy-duty drywax cotton canvas, it's tough as guts, keeping wind and rain at bay like a seasoned drover.

But that's not all, cobbers! We've given this vest a touch of classic Aussie charm with a thick pull-up cowhide collar and trim. Because let's be honest, after a hard day's yakka, who doesn't want to hit the local pub looking a bit fancy, in case the bar lady’s looking fine?

Now, let's talk pockets. We've thrown in a chest phone pocket that's as handy as a pocket knife in the bush. It's a nod to the modern world, while still keeping that true-blue spirit alive. And if you're thinking warmth and comfort, you're spot on, mate. The Shepparton Vest is lightly padded, giving you the warmth you need without weighing you down.

And have a squiz at that Australia map print lining! It's like a little piece of home stitched into every vest. So, whether you're wrangling cattle, building fences, or just kicking back with your mates, the Shepparton Drywax Vest is the real deal.

Style #: 23V30