Woodlands Bucket Hat

Woodlands Bucket Hat

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The Woodlands Bucket Hat is here to crack the whip on your outdoor kit. It’s tougher than a leatherman's boots and as light as a duck's feather.

Made from quick-dry polyester that's faster at drying than a sunbaked rock in Broome, this hat is for the hard yakka blokes and sheilas who know that a bit of sweat is just your body crying with happiness. And talk about smart – it's got a UPF 50+ that'll shield your noggin like a tin roof on a scorching arvo.

Now, this ain't your regular, run-of-the-mill lid. It's water-resistant, making it perfect for when you're out where the rainforest meets the reef and the skies decide to chuck a wobbly. And that adjustable back tab? That's your golden ticket to stop your hat from doing a Harold Holt when the southerly buster kicks in.

Designed with the rugged Aussie spirit in mind, the Woodlands sports a bucket block that’s as ready for a biff with the elements as you are. With ventilation eyelets that work harder than a dog on a cattle station, you’ll keep your cool even when the mercury's having a meltdown.

The brim's a sturdy 6 cm, wide enough to keep the sun outta your peepers but not so broad you'll be knocking over your cold ones. The crown stands proud at 8 cm, so it'll sit on your scone like a throne.

So whether you’re off to wrangle a croc or just crackin’ open a coldie after knock-off, the Woodlands Bucket Hat is your new best mate. It’s not just about keeping the elements off – it's about looking as fair dinkum as a dawn service on ANZAC day while you’re doing it. Chuck this beauty on and be ready for whatever the bush can throw at you – sideways rain, mozzie squadrons, or an unexpected invite to a bush doof.

The Woodlands Bucket Hat features:
  • UPF 50+
  • Water resistant
  • Bucket Block
  • Adjustable back tab
  • Quickdry polyester outer
  • Ventilation eyeletts
  • Brim: 6 cm
  • Crown: 8 cm

Style #: 23H76