Zetland Zip Wallet

Zetland Zip Wallet



Say, mate, fancy a wallet that's as tough as a dingo and as stylish as a Darlinghurst high street? Well, look no further than the Zetland Zip Wallet! Crafted from top-notch Italian vegetable-tanned leather, this beaut will carry your cash, cards, and bits 'n' bobs safe as houses with its trusty zipper.

Whether you're a bloke or a sheila, this wallet's got you covered in both rugged Cedar or classic black—whatever suits your fancy! Plus, it's more than just a wallet; it's a statement piece with that cool embossed kangaroo logo, the mark of Kakadu Traders quality. 

Inside, you've got those handy card holder slits to keep everything tidy as your gran’s front garden. And let's not forget that chunky YKK zipper – top-notch quality to keep your stuff snug as a bug.

And hey, if you're thinking of a ripper gift, this wallet's the golden ticket! Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or just to say "G'day," it's the perfect choice for anyone who loves quality and a touch of Aussie charm.

So, grab the Zetland Zip Wallet, mate, and carry your gear with Aussie pride – it's the wallet that's as reliable as a ute on an outback road!

The Zetland Leather Zip Wallet features:
  • Made in Italian vegetable tanned leather
  • YKK chunky nylon zip
  • Inner card holder slits
  • Embossed kangaroo logo
  • Braided zip puller