Minyon Falls

Richard Whillas

Posted on March 23 2016

Cruising the winding roads of the hinterlands in an 83' Land Rover 110 Country a.k.a "Mad Mulligan" we had to enter the national forest to reach our destination. Across creeks and through the scrub, we keep driving until we finally find a place to park. We grabbed our gear and took the short stroll along a path that opened up to the view from Minyon Falls lookout which is simply stunning! Not only the falls themselves but the vista beyond that, apparently on a clear day, you might be lucky to see all the way out to the coast.

We spent a while gazing out at the land and mesmerised by the water flow cascading over Minyon Falls to a deep gorge roughly 100m below. The tops of the cliffs were forested with all sorts of native Australian flora and we spied wattles and bottlebrush plants as well as eucalypts, blackbutt and scribbly gum trees.

After soaking up the spectacular landscape we decided it was high time we take a soak in the beautiful natural pool at the top of the falls filled with clear and pure water straight from the earth. Such an amazing place to unwind.



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