NAME - Whillas & Gunn / ORIGIN - Australia / FOUNDED - 2009

DESCRIPTION - Whillas & Gunn is part of a family company from Australia with over 40 years of experience in the outerwear industry. Inspired by an enduring love affair of world travel, and adventure, the Whillas & Gunn style combines vintage travel and aviation along with domestic influences of the bush rangers and outlaws of old who once roamed the harsh Australian outback.
Rugged, washed, natural fabrics and thick cowhide combined with textured earthy tones are the backbone of the Whillas & Gunn collection, and a slightly more tailored fit which which was more prominant in the old days.

PRODUCTS OF NOTE - The Trap Duffle Bag in Toffee
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Alpha Drop Pants in Olive
Alpha Pants in Desert Sand
Alpha Pants in Tea Tree Green
Alpha Pants Mach 2 in Black
Alpha Pants Mach 2 in Dark Brown
Alpha Pants Mach 2 in Indigo
Alpha Shorts Mach 2 in Black
Alpha Shorts Mach 2 in Dark Brown
Alpha Shorts Mach 2 in Indigo
Balmain Shirt in Olive
Bravo Pants in Ash
Bronte Tote in Whiskey
Charles Jacket in Blue Stripe
Charles Pants in Blue Stripe
Charles Pants in Natural Stripe
Charles Vest in Blue Stripe
Clip Bomber in Moss
Cowhide Wallet in Brown
Cruiser Pants in Camel
Cruiser Pants in Navy
Cruiser Pants in Olive
El Paso Scarf in Multi Stripe
El Paso Scarf in Orange Brown Check
Fishing Hat in Fern
Gundagai Hat
Kampot Scarf
Kingsford Smith Jacket in Black
Kingsford Smith Jacket in Brown
Kingsford Smith Vest in Brown
Kokoda Duffle Large in Camel