Mountain Charm

Richard Whillas

Posted on June 04 2015

After the previous day's long trek up the mountain, it was time to reap the fruits of my labor and head back down again.

As we meandered down we passed many small little villages, some no more than a handful of houses, and met an array of local characters who smiled and welcomed us as we passed including a new best friend that we nicknamed 'Momo' due his similar fur colour to our favourite Nepali dumpling.

 What we wore on this trek:

Roseman Club Ryu frames in Black with clip-on, Mechanics T in Charcoal by Whillas & Gunn, Alpha Drop Pants in Olive by Whillas & Gunn, Trap Duffle in Toffee by Whillas & Gunn, Nullarbor Rucksack in Sage by Whillas & Gunn and the Hillside Leaf Camo Watch band.

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