Jeep Safari through Chitwan

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Situated near the Indian border, we arrived in Chitwan ready for action. We waited on the shore for the wooden canoe - the only way to access the park - to pick us up. Using a long piece of bamboo, our boatman navigated across the river into Chitwan National Park. We reached the far shore easily and headed over to the jeep that would be our transport for the day and met up with our guide Laxmi who grew up inside the park. The colours were vibrant, the air fresh and the only thing we could hear was the hum of the engine and birds twittering... A nice way to start the day.

Laxmi informed us that Chitwan National Park is home to an abundance of peacocks, deer, monkeys, boars, bison and much more but if we are lucky we may come across some sloth bears or the protected one horned Asiatic rhinoceros, and if we're reall, reall lucky we may spot on of the elusive clouded leopard... Fingers crossed.

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