The Yu Gardens

Richard Whillas

Posted on May 21 2014

I love hustle and bustle of Shanghai but after just arriving from Mongolia which was well, the complete opposite, I was looking for a time out but it was way too early for happy hour. So instead I headed to Yuyuan - also known as the Yu Gardens - over in Nanshi, the Old City.

Built in 1577 by Pan, a rich Ming Dynasty official, for his father, the name Yuyuan translates to Garden of Contentment/Happiness/Peace and Comfort (depending on who you ask) - exactly what I was after. It was cool, a juxtaposition of modern and ancient cultures, with Shanghai's newer skyscrapers peaking in between the grand pavilions and dragon head sculptures.

I wandered around, found a spot near a pond and just tuned out for a bit...


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