All Aboard the Trans Siberian

Richard Whillas

Posted on January 28 2014

It was already an epic journey and I hadn't even boarded the Trans Siberian yet - an overnight train to Inner Mongolia, overland by bus to the border and a cab ride across the town of Erlian to get to the station. But finally the train, heading north to the capital Ulaan Baator, had arrived. All that I had to do was find my compartment, grab a bunk and head for the dining carriage - 13 hours to kill and a building thirst!


 Whillas & Gunn - Tiger Bomber in Navy, Whillas & Gunn - Trap Duffle Bag in Toffee, Whillas & Gunn - Cruiser Pants in Taupe, Whillas & Gunn El Paso Scarf in Orabge Check

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